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Welcome to the future home of the Study Tasmania initiative

In 2012 the then Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard (Australia's first female Prime Minister) outlined her vision for Australia and its role in the region with the release of the groundbreaking policy whitepaper "Australia in The Asian Century".

Included in this white paper was a focus on education including universities in Australia with the requirement that "Australia will remain among the world’s best for research and teaching in universities, delivering excellent outcomes for a larger number of Australian students, attracting the best academics and students from around the world and strengthening links between Australia and the region."

The Study Tasmania initiative will showcase what Tasmania, Australia's island state, has to offer at all levels of education, reaching out to Asia and all international students who are interested in sharing, exchanging, and studying in Tasmania, while also remaining relevant to local Australian students.

Please bookmark this page and come back soon as we unfold this exciting new venture.