Australian island state Tasmania nominated almost three thousand candidates for different state-nominated visas. Home Affairs report on 2020-2021 state nomination activity confirms Tasmania nominated 2679 candidates for Australian permanent residency visa and pathway.

2679 got Tasmania state nomination last year - Study Tasmania

Statistics Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

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Home Affairs statistics show Tasmania nominated 1670 positions for skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 491 in migration program year 2020-2021. Subclass 491 visa provides a pathway to Australian permanent residency. Candidates must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for a permanent residency visa. Tasmania is second on the index to nominate a higher number of candidates for 491 visa sub-class. South Australia nominated the highest number of candidates for subclass 491 visa last year. South Australia offered a total of 1763 nominations to the candidates who wish to live and work in the state.

Sub-class 190 visa, which is state nominated permanent residency visa, Tasmania nominated 991 candidates for this. A candidate who granted a 190 visa through state nomination has to live and work in the nominating state for two consecutive years. Tasmania nominated a handful of candidates for business innovation and investment provisional visa subclass 188 and business talent permanent visa subclass 132.

Lately, many international students and temporary workers have moved into the state to be eligible for state nomination. Tasmania is known for its consistent migration policy; some say, Tasmania state nomination is flexible for international students and temporary visa holders.

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